I stand here with absolute honesty. After many blogs, it’s a first. No hiding, no white lies. Me as ugly and beautiful as I am.

If you’d like to get in touch, I take your approach with gratitude: I always reply.

My favourite social media is twitter: @missandi0623.


PS: If you wanna know more about me, read this.

PPS: I recently commented on a blog post interview on why I blog and the words came out exceptionally true: I blog because I have a strong need to connect to people. Partially in order to get validation from them (you), partially because I find it fascinating how, in essence, we’re all different and still the same. I find the blogger community especially good-hearted and generous. And when the so-called mainstream media focuses on how differences divide us, I find it on social media that those same differences bring us together. I think blogging is not only therapeutic but also makes the world a little better by putting us in each other’s shoes.”