40 at 40

What is it?

40 days of travel to celebrate that I have reached that big birthday of 40 years.

When is it happening?

All throughout the year. Some longer, some shorter trips, they all add up to end up with the big 40 (the days now).

Status updates

Running total: 24/40 days at the end of March

Read all my travel reflections here. I’m searching for the lessons these different places evoke, the emotions they gift, the mirror they hold up.


The year started away from home and the month ended the same way. The first planned, the second unexpected, both were also trips outside of my comfort zone.


29 Dec 2017 – 2 Jan 2018

  • 2 days in January with an organised tour (being with people all the time was not easy) – read my reflections

USA, Illinois

29 Jan – 11 Feb


USA, Illinois

29 Jan – 11 Feb


Andalucia, Spain

  • 8 days of March: mostly the coast of Andalucia (Costa de la Luz, the coast of light) with soft sand, super-blue sea, terracotta cliffs. (Reflections are postponed due to the A to Z challenge 🙂 )

Upcoming: Austria (garden and mountains), Croatia (castles), Poland (Danube), Norway (fjords). It pays to be in the middle of Europe 🙂

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