Make your own itinerary

Travel is freedom. One way to make it that is to go where you want.

I was standing in front of the statue, admiring the craft it was made with, letting its spirit enter my own, making me wonder about the story it depicted, the Hungarians who had to flee when Austrians attacked. It was this fleeing that created a small area of Hungarians in the middle of Romania. What was it like for them, I wondered, looking at the stone relief, how brave…

“Let’s go people!” the guide clapped loudly, interrupting my thoughts, shepherding us back on the bus. I haven’t even been able to see half of the place. We arrived a bare 10 minutes ago.

“Sorry,” she said to me, “we have an itinerary to keep.”

She was right, we did. And while it was this itinerary I chose the tour for, at times I would have spent the time differently.

It’s great to follow a done tour, saving me the trouble of finding the local flavour – with a good guide, you’ll also get to places that will not entertain individuals or small groups. I am not against group travel on the whole – I simply love the freedom of creating my own plans.

Discovering the country first from afar – deciding the places, distances, transport method, accommodation – it’s like a mini-travel on its own.

I’ve recently found a site, inspirock that is super easy to use when one wants to create a trip plan. It’s free and uses the input of various sites (viator, tripadvisor). Based on a standard selection, it even offers a suggested itinerary that you can of course customize later.

It gives you a route and you can select whether you travel by car or other means of transport, and you can check the route on a map to make the visit as efficient as you want. It’s also possible to look for accommodation on specific sites if you prefer.

I really enjoyed using it for our trip to Andalucia, check out our plan for inspiration: 13 days in Andalucia.

I only used it once so far for this trip so if you try it, let me know your opinion.

How do you usually create your itinerary when you travel?

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22 thoughts on “Make your own itinerary

  1. Great post, Andrea. That’s the reason we never go for planned itineraries, you get bound by them. I remember my parents in law complaining that they were made to see the Colosseum from the bus, can you imagine? Would love to explore Hungary and its history. Thanks for the app, will check it out.


  2. We wing it. We choose a destination based on the time we have and the dollars we have. Then we get there, and follow our own path. Occasionally we take a guided day tour if we’re both interested in the subject, but usually we see what we see, and call it a win.


  3. I’m with you. I prefer to make my own itinerary. Although it’s true, sometimes we do miss some history or unknown details by not taking a scheduled tour.
    Thanks for stopping by my Trisha Faye page on A to Z. That’s how I found you here. LOVE the name of your blog!


  4. I draft my own itinerary for two reasons. First one is to accommodate comfort factor for the entire family and second and most important, I do not wish to get hurried through any place. But the other side of the coin reads…lot of research and pre travel bookings and confirmations. Add to it some happy and some nasty surprises. Overall, everything sums up to be a multicoloured memory to cherish!


  5. I did a couple of group tours as it was more cost efficient but they sucked big time, I had all the pics for Facebook but realised I had little experiences. I enjoyed my Swiss and HK trip the most as I was there on business and explored the place all by myself like a local.


  6. I rarely travel with a group. The one time that was structured for me (a Barefoot Cruise) was, overall, wonderful, as the group of people I wound up with were fun. The sites were perfect: I had no expectations except to relax and explore, and that mission was accomplished.

    Otherwise, I take things as they are, making decisions as I go.

    Thanks for stopping by on the AtoZ

    Tale Spinning


  7. We generally do a bit of both, opting for some guided tours, especially since we usually visit as part of a cruise, but when we have a longer period, we do our own thing. Great post and that inspirock thing looks to be very helpful. Have a great day.


  8. I usually travel on a tour but then use free time and book extra days so I can see more. Tours are very good for
    skipping ticket lines and getting to places that are a little more difficult to travel to on your own but I really appreciate setting my own pace. And I enjoy researching and creating my own custom itinerary – it’s half the fun of travel for me!

    Faye at Destination: Fiction


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