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Why do we think that travelling far is more worth it?

I don’t count the number of countries I’ve visited because I don’t want to start a number war either with others or with myself. It doesn’t matter if it’s 0 or 100. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short vacation or long backpacking. Each to their own way of experiencing, learning.

And there’s so much to learn about our own country. The fact that we speak the same language and share a general history actually allows us to dig deeper, to understand what’s more hidden.

Every country has gorgeous places to discover, wouldn’t it be a shame to leave that only to the visitors? Can’t it be also interesting to us? Are we really that arrogant to say, my country can show nothing new to me?

I know, there’s a general attitude that places a higher social value on visiting exotic places. Be brave enough to break from it. Travel for yourself, for your own discovery and if you have that in mind, you’ll realise that it’s not necessarily a new place that’ll give you that.

It’s been said often but really, try to be a tourist at home. What would you see, where would you go, what could you learn? Open a tourist guide and discover your own country.

The rest of the world is wishing right now to be able to visit it.


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22 thoughts on “Discover your home

  1. Good thoughts. I’ve decided to visit even closer to home and go for typical touristy things that I’ve never done in our state. I just walked across the Golden Gate Bridge a couple of years ago for the first time even though I’ve lived within a half an hour of it my entire life!


  2. It can be fun to visit your own city or town as a tourist too, not just when taking friends or relatives around. Each summer when my children were young our city had special vouchers for residents to tourist attractions as our city was not much visited by tourists in the summer. It was a great opportunity.


  3. A lot of people I know are saving their own country for old age and are doing the long haul flights while they still can. The problem with that is by the time they see their own country they will be too decrepit to do more than look from a car window. Then I also hear people say, “I’m not going overseas until I see Australia first”. That can also take a lifetime so the best option is compromise or alternating holidays at home and overseas (if you can afford it).


  4. Agree with you absolutely! It is generally seen that if you travel to exotic destinations, you are considered to be on a higher echelon of travel. So even their own country offers vast diversity, still people would prefer to boast about their foreign travels than explore their own country.


  5. I dislike it when people say something like, “Why did you visit the mid-west? There’s nothing there but cornfields.” Maybe, maybe not. But when I toured the country by motorcycle at age 58 (solo), I saw beauty in every state.

    Donna B McNicol, author & traveler
    Romance & Mystery…writing my life
    A-Z Flash Fiction Tales:
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  6. I love traveling, I wish I could do much, much more of it. There’s something so amazing about being somewhere else, about getting to see how other people live, about seeing things you’ve never before seen.

    And of course you can do that right where you live as well.

    But I really love the allure of somewhere else.

    A Bit to Read

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  7. Wise words! I lived in Boston for four years, but I learned the most about the city when acting as a “tour guide” for some out of town friends years after I had moved away!

    Jayden R. Vincente
    Erotic Fiction Writer

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  8. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks to social media bandwagon, I feel these days people travel not for the sake of travelling but to show off to others. I agree with you that we should travel for ourselves. Great post. Glad that I stopped by.

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  9. Thats a new insight…be the tourist at home! I have been living the nomadic life since almost two decades. Every 5 years, we either change the city or the country. And thus I end up being the tourist! Believe me its such a wonderful feeling to explore the city and absorb its sights and sounds! Only thing is, I did not know till I read this post that I was enjoying all this because I was looking at it from the traveler’s perspective.


  10. You said it well — be brave enough to break away. I drag my husband to Europe every so many years, have a special bond with the continent, and try hard to get lost in a crowd someplace, or at a coffee shop early in the morning before everyone gets going. So many stories, just watching faces all around.
    Great post and sound advice. Travel far and often.


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