Find courage and clarity

Courage and clarity – can we have one without the other?

Courage: “the ability to do something that frightens one”

It’s not always the big things: sometimes it’s taking one more step towards fear. Sometimes it’s saying no when everybody expects yes. Sometimes it’s the acceptance of who you are and who you are not.

Clarity: “the quality of being coherent or intelligent; transparent or pure”

Bringing these qualities to our life is not always an easy choice. Very often one needs to be brave to be able to be transparent or pure.

If you have courage, it’ll bring clarity – you’ll see what life really is and not what you want it to be. On the other hand, if you have clarity, you’ll be courageous enough to be who you are – you won’t need unnecessary approvals.

It applies to travel, too: do your own thing. Stay by the pool if it makes you happy, or rent a car if you prefer travelling on your own terms. Be stern with your travel time – you’re not there to make your friend (or even spouse) happy. Have the clarity to know what you need, and the courage to follow it.

Best of luck!


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39 thoughts on “Find courage and clarity

  1. So very true. I try to do that when we are at our golf tournament retreat every year. While the guys are golfing a lot of the wives go shopping. I’d rather stay by the pool and read a book or work on my scrapbooking so that’s what I do. It’s my vacation too, right? Nice C, Andi.

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  2. You have very well connected courage and clarity andi. Neatly summed up. Bis for Beautiful and C is for Change – Cacophony in the kitchen. Do have your say on my post too. Have a nice day 🙂

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  3. I would love to travel solo sometime, just so I can do whatever I want and when I want! My children are pretty good travel companions though and go along with all the crazy things we do. It does take courage to take that step towards something that we might fear, but know it will turn out well in the end.
    Once Upon a Time

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    1. I think if you can find a companion interested in many of the same things (and you don’t need to take care of them I need to add 😉) it’s as good as solo travel. I am in Spain with my brother now and it’s brilliant. He is happy to come along to anything, he makes me walk more (he’s fitter) and he’s a great laugh.


  4. I agree – if we have real clarity on what we from something, we are so much more likely to have the courage to go for it


  5. I got a tattoo, well 2 tattoos actually, a few years ago. They are placed one on each wrist, and they are the Chinese symbols for Strength and Clarity. So, courage and clarity rings home with me. Great post.

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  6. I like how you think. My family motto is without fear, or if you will, with courage. And clarity is the holy grail for writers everywhere. Good ideas here.


  7. I imagine traveling the world by myself and enjoying new things, customs and places but I’ll have to be able to sit in a coffee shop by myself. Great post 🙂


  8. Hi! Your post is so deep! Thanks for visiting my blog on the A-Z Challenge. I wanted to respond to you about the keto cake and didn’t know the best way to respond, so I’m commenting here! I found the recipe on Pinterest: . I’d definitely use the parchment paper because mine did NOT come out in one piece, but I pieced it back together and frosted it to hide it. Tasted good as far as low carb cake and frosting goes. lol. Do you eat keto?


  9. So true, I had met this guy who everyone in my family wanted me to marry. The pressure was too much. I had almost buckled under it. But I was clear that I didn’t want to. And so I said ‘NO’! It took a lot of courage knowing what would come thereafter, but I still did it. Nice post, Andrea!


  10. Courage … it’s wonderful when we find this resource within when we think we don’t have enough of it. Sometimes it takes a life changing event to find the courage to face it. I’ll check your earlier A-Z postings tomorrow Miss Andi – glad to have your acquaintance 🙂


  11. My travel time is precious to me and I’ve been very fortunate to find a “travel buddy” who enjoys the same things I do so neither of us feels like we’re missing out. And she gives me the courage to do things I might otherwise not, like approaching Masterchef Gordon Ramsay at one of his London restaurants. (The man is a real sweetheart!)

    Faye at Destination: Fiction


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