40 at 40 status update

Before we start the A to Z challenge tomorrow, just wanted to give a super quick update on my personal travel challenge, 40 at 40.

I am hitting a big milestone birthday this year and I wouldn’t exactly say this makes me sad, it’s a solemn occasion. But instead of giving into this feeling, I’ve decided to celebrate my 40th birthday with 40 days of travel. That’s my 40 at 40 challenge.

I’m doing rather well thanks to an unexpected, work-related trip to the US, my running total today is 24 days already. I’ve also taken some steps outside of my own comfort zone with these travels – after all, that’s the only way to have new experiences and grow.

  • For the last 8 days of March: I am still travelling in Andalucia, Spain, from the coast to the mountains with my little brother. While we’re quite close and live together at home, too, we haven’t spent this much time together just the 2 of us. It’s going very well however, we’re closer than ever, and I’m learning a lot about him too.


I have further plans to take short trips to Austria (garden and mountains), Croatia (castles), Poland (Danube), Norway (fjords), so I’m confident I’ll complete more than 40 days of travel this year. Maybe this will prevent me from “upping & going” to another country again (done that 4 times before) because I really like my current job. 🙂

What about you folks, where have you or are you planning to travel this year? I’m always looking for suggestions!


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6 thoughts on “40 at 40 status update

  1. 40 at 40..that’s just wow!
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm and confidence and would be eagerly waiting to read about your travels
    Good luck!


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