Jake Bailey on the anniversary of beating cancer

I’ve recently caught Jake’s speech about how the most important thing he learnt by having cancer was to take life day by day. To appreciate what it brings.

Check the video here on facebook.


I love the way he talks. He’s strong, he’s not giving up, he’s facing the situation head on. It inspired me to think about my own life, to learn from his courage.

I also got curious where he was at the moment – he is in remission, and cancer has less and less power over his life. “As time passes that landmark date becomes just another day” he says. Read more on NZ Herald.

Main Photo By Nick Reed

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If we’re at anniversaries, WATWB is also 1 year old. It started with Belinda and Damyanti, and it’s my favourite thing in the blogosphere. Feel free to join any time!

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6 thoughts on “Jake Bailey on the anniversary of beating cancer

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Andi. I like the way he describes his remission and the “celebrating” of it. The chemo beat the cancer and him, but the cancer lost a little more. I know many people who would agree with that sentiment. Even so, how encouraging to hear from/about him two years later!

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