The Illionois Triange Part 3: Lincoln Highway

The closing route of the road trip turned out to be quicker than I planned due to the snow that made me feel unsafe driving.

The Lincoln Highway takes from Clinton to Chicago, trying to highlight small towns and sights worth to visit. It features a collection of informational gazebos of the history of the area and some interesting murals as well. Their website is useful albeit a little outdated.

It was snowing when I set off on my last day and while it looked nice for a while (I love snow and we didn’t have much of it this winter), driving in snow is not as much fun.

Walking would have been nicer but I didn’t leave enough time for that
Beautiful but scary

I love how USA has so many cities with names same as in Europe: from the likes of Grafton through Warsaw to Andalusia, it does not discriminate of country of origin. I also learned that there are cities of the same name in various states, hence the need to say for example, Jacksonville, IL to differentiate from the other Jacksonvilles in Florida, Texas or even Arkansas. I haven’t heard of any other countries having the same.

This roadtrip had everything I wanted – in my own quiet way, I met people from all walks of life:

  • travellers like me, and locals very different from me;
  • a woman who worked in the same place for 37 years;
  • a couple so convinced by their chosen faith that they welcomed anyone in it;
  • a funeral with such a long line of cars that I was wondering – what life did this person have that inspired such a sense of loss in the people that knew them?

But more importantly, I took time to reflect on how I reacted to my surroundings. What did I do when things didn’t go my way, what did I learn from exposing myself to all this history and nature.

If one’s curious, travel is the best teacher: of ourselves, of the world, of how we relate to each other. I wish to all of you to have the opportunity to do so often.


Read more of my roadtrip of the Illinois triangle:

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