Can you recommend any blog challenges?

While writing is solitary, it helps to know that others go through the same. That we try to learn and expand our comfort zones at the same time. That’s what blog challenges mean to me.

I don’t take part in a lot of them but when I do, I enjoy the connections forged there. Most of you who take the time to comment here, do so because we met in an event like this.

Tomorrow I’ll start the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge so I thought I’d ask your experience: what do you currently take part in that you’d recommend to others as well?


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6 thoughts on “Can you recommend any blog challenges?

  1. I’m not familiar with that challenge but the word marathon scares me. The most serious challenge I (try to) do in the SoCS challenge. I try to adapt my regular Saturday conversation to that prompt. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes I have to edit.

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  2. Hi Andrea – The A to Z Challenge in April is where I first found you. Are you doing that one again? As Dan mentioned there is the SoCS one that is hosted by Linda G. Hill who also does a few other ones that I participated in, the most recent being Just Jot January. I’m trying to think of one for March. There are also the ones where you answer questions. The marathon sounds interesting.

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