Last Train to Istanbul – book recommendation

When I noticed my reading focuses on anglo-american authors, I did 2 things: I signed up for a monthly box of international book and goodies + I went to Amazon for recommendations. How did I find Ayse Kulin’s historical fiction, is hard to say. But it was probably fate.

Two sisters with an easy upbringing face their demons and test their courage as WWII sets in, even if Turkey is doing its best to stay out of it.

The elder makes a good marriage. It might not be out of love for the man but it is at least out of love for his social position. The younger marries out of love, too, for the man and for the rebellion: her chosen partner is a Jew.

Their lives, their friends, the fates of them all revolve around the political chess game of the era: in Turkey, in France and anywhere in between.

Like a good historical fiction, the Last Train to Istanbul showcases interesting characters, teaches about the facts and draws in with its style. It starts out slow but hang in there – you won’t be sorry.


What are your favourite historical fictions from other countries?

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2 thoughts on “Last Train to Istanbul – book recommendation

  1. I read this some years ago and it was a good read with memorable characters and historic story line, which is saying something because there aren’t many I remember with such clarity. Great read, I agree.

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