Guns in America – is a change near?

Another shooting. Another loss of innocent lives. Another round of “thoughts and prayers”. Something is different though. A courageous movement is starting.

I’m trying to understand America’s obsession with unregulated gun ownership. Even recommendations to regulate machine guns (and only those) like on this post, “Fuck you, I like guns.” is met with a lot of anger on the comments.

There is however, a desperate but strong outrage from students led by the survivors of the latest massacre to change the status quo. To say no to guns. To talk to the public, educate them, change their outdated opinion.

They are speaking up, they are taking action, they want to be the last school to suffer such tragedy.

I can’t help but be impressed. Inspired. It takes courage to take these steps, to face the nation, the naysayers for something they believe in. It takes courage to call out politicians financed by the gun lobby. It takes courage to believe there will be others joining them in their march.

They are a force hard to ignore, a whirlwind that can change their country. Go for it guys! Your parents, grandparents live in a different world – don’t let them hold you back.


Main photo from CBS – check out their video coverage.

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