The courage to be me

As a social species, our first instinct is to fit in, to find our tribe. It’s hard for us to accept any trait that does not serve this purpose.

A tribe can be distinctly unique from the mainstream society of course. Having those couple people around with the same values, same characteristics, hopes and desires, will fill us with infinite courage to display the same, no matter how accepted or unaccepted they are by the general public.

What happens if you don’t have your tribe?

I took part in an online course a year ago that promised me to get more courage to be me. And it did help. But I found that when it came to tasks like lying down or dancing in public, it didn’t help me one bit that I knew that others on the other side of the world were doing the same. Because in the eyes of the spectators around me, I was still alone. I didn’t have my tribe’s physical support.

There’s so much strength in having at least one person with you who will accept your weirdness and uniqueness. Who will join you when you do something strange. Who has your back.

A movement doesn’t start with its named leader. It starts with that often forgotten first supporter who joins in, making it a pack instead of a lone wolf. When people see that, it makes it easier for them to join in. And once they do, well, they can change anything.

But until that, your lone wolf is the bravest human on the earth. They go against not only society, but also their own instinct to belong. They do so because they believe they are not alone. Because they know that others will join them once they understand. Sometimes they only want a small number to join (because their main differentiator is not being mainstream), sometimes they want to change the world. And that takes a lot of courage.


The post was inspired by the daily prompt.

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