Against the numbers: 40 at 40

“Four signifies stability, rationality, structure and rules,” says the Galaxy Tarot app. Basically this number is everything I’m not. And still, this year, the big 4 came for me in the form of my birthday (bringing his friend, the 0 along). Obviously, I have to shake him form “being rooted and unmoving”. 

I wouldn’t base my whole decision on numerology or tarot but they definitely help to understand my intuition. If they say something it agrees with, I feel better. If the opposite, I feel tense. Either way, I can be more sure of what my intuition is telling me.

“My intuition and me, we’re gonna go against the numbers.”

There were occasions when my intuition wanted roots, and longed for structure. This year is not one of them. My intuition and me, we’re gonna go against the numbers. What better way to do the opposite of everything number 4 stands for than to go travel and travel a lot?

Now, I’m not completely irrational. While I do feel the pull to go all in and give my notice and move to the other side of the world again, the fact is, I like my job. I like the people I work with and it took me 1.5 years to actually feel comfortable around them most of the time, so I do give that rationality to number 4 that I won’t up and leave.

This won’t stop me from travel more than I ever did. In the past my travels usually consist of moving to another place. It’s given me a deep connection to towns in Northern Ireland and Dublin, Spain’s Madrid and Gran Canaria. I wouldn’t change any of it.

“I will have to travel differently.”

This year, on the other hand, will have to be different and that will make it even better-suited to against the stability I should have at 40. I will have to travel differently than I’m used to. Not just for shorter trips but (gasp!) with other people.

“Look at the world not just at a different place but also from a different place”

I’ve never been one for bus tours. One, there’s too many strangers cramped in around me and I’m expected to socialise. Two, it’s very uncomfortable because I’m a big woman. Three, I like the freedom of exploring the place in my own way, in my own pace and according to my own interests. However, organised tours will show me things I hadn’t expected (or wanted), forcing me to leave my little safe zone behind and look at the world not just AT a different place but also FROM a different place.

The end of 2017 I took my mum to Transylvania to celebrate the new year. It was her kind of trip: traditional music, baking bread etc. There were programmes I was interested in, too, but I would have never gone if it weren’t for her. And sure, there were times when it was very difficult, when I felt very out of place, silly even. But I also realised that bus tours aren’t as bad as I had imagined. In fact, people aren’t as bad as I tend to imagine.

“Many small steps can take you to the same place as one big leap.”

So when we were back, I took to the internet and searched for other short bus tours. Man, there are a lot! And with programmes I wouldn’t have thought or could organise myself! And that’s when it hit me: I could go to any of them. Many of them, even. I don’t have to choose one big travel for this year. (It would’ve been hard to decide.) I can do a lot of small ones.

That’s how 40 at 40 was born. 

To spend 40 days with travel this year.

Mostly during the weekends (we have a lot of long weekends as well this year), for 1-2 days in and around the country. Hungary’s location is perfect for this: we can go to the ocean in Croatia or the mountains of Austria, visit fellow Hungarians in Transylvania, enjoy the culture in Italy etc.

“Wherever we live, we don’t have to travel far to see amazing places.”

Wherever we live, we don’t have to travel far to see amazing places. Whatever age, we don’t have to follow conventions or numerology. Whatever fears, we don’t have keep them. Whatever means, we don’t have to limit ourselves.

That’s my 40 at 40.

“Because travel isn’t just about the places I visit but also the doors it they open in me.”


PS: I would love to hear about your travels, the places you’ve seen or want to see. If you have a post (or thought) you’d like to share, please link it below. 


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3 thoughts on “Against the numbers: 40 at 40

  1. Travel has been one of my goals for the last couple of years too, but with travel I added adventure so if the adventure happens to be close to home, that counts. I’m looking at some overnight train trips and doing the Big City Hunt we have for San Francisco. Have fun on your journeys and happy 40th!

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  2. I like the 40 at 40 plan! That’s pretty cool. For many reasons, I haven’t traveled nearly as much as I’d have liked to, but the highlight of my travels were two (my only two) overseas trips to Ismir, Turkey. I went as part of a group (only six of us who all knew each other) for a specific purpose, but we had a couple days where our time was our own, and I just loved seeing the ruins at Ephesus (ohhhhhhh that library!) and wandering around the towns for a day. Talking to the shopkeepers was so fascinating. If I could travel about 1/3 of the year, affording the cost and the time, I would.

    A friend and I have always wanted to visit Scotland, and have talked for years about how we’d go together after our youngest children graduated from homeschooling. My youngest is now a senior in high school, and hers is a junior, so our talking has now turned to serious discussion about how we’d like to go about this trip in a couple years. We both agree that we’d prefer to wander on our own, but are considering an organized tour for the first week and then our own explorations for a second week. Ten to fourteen days should be a good length, we think, before we miss home too much.


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