New year, new site design

Happy 2018 everyone!

It’s been awesome to spend 2017 with you here and I thank you for bearing with me amongst the hectic posting schedule, the long breaks, the intense “comebacks”.

I’m not making big plans for 2018 apart from what I have:

be unapologetically me

After all, I’m still learning this, and even here I’ve been holding back for fear of being too much, of not having a theme and of not being entertaining.

2018 will involve further steps outside of my comfort zone:

  • lots of short travels with groups, family, friends – as I’ve been taking to travel alone in the recent years, it will surely bring challenges
  • sharing an interactive fiction in April (hopefully with other A to Z-ers if the challenge keeps going)
  • an acting class which I’m both excited and scared to shit about
  • and who knows what…

I consider change to be good so I wanted to signify it with a change in the blog style as well. Hope you like it or at least will get used to it 🙂

Here’s to a great 2018 for us all!

Challenge for you:
What are you going to do that’s outside of your comfort zone? 

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5 thoughts on “New year, new site design

  1. Welcome back, Miss Andi! Looking forward to your story in the A to Z (yes, I’ll be participating). Love the new site. It is easy to read and navigate. Happy New Year! – Janet


  2. Congrats on the upcoming plans. They sound exciting. So far we moved to a city and state we had only visited once, I started a brand new job and now I was rather forced into creating a new blog space. I think I need a little calm for a few months. Yet, we are getting out and exploring the area and there are so many parks to visit so photo ops abounf. Just waiting dor Winter to go on vacation….happy blogging! Thanks for the follow at my new place.


  3. Happy New Year! And nice new look here. Sounds like you have some exciting things on your plate for this year. An acting class! That sounds super cool.


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