Be who you are – even if you’re not supported

When I was 6, I told everyone I wanted to be a teacher. When I was 14, they told me to go to business because there’s no money in teaching.

When I was 23, I kept flirting with training but my shyness and introversion kept me on the sidelines.

I accidentally got into consulting, loving both coaching and data analysis it brought into my life. Since fewer people enjoy the latter, and I could hide myself behind the screens, I let myself stray further and further away from people.

Few years later I used English teaching to travel and my passion was reignited.

Still, I didn’t dare to go full out to say that’s what I want. You see, I don’t have experience, attitude, qualifications to be trainer.

Fate helped out again and gave me an internal promotion to do just that.

And in return I applied for masters in accountancy…

It took me the optional and free to choose seminars at the end of the semester to realise how much more joy I get learning about talent management than economics.

Why am I learning accountancy then, I asked myself.

All my life I let myself stray from the path of teaching, doing stunts only as second or temporary jobs. Why? Because others told me so, because I didn’t believe I have the right personality.

And I got by. I am successful in other areas and even enjoy them.

But it’s nothing compared to the deep joy and purpose I feel when I teach, train, or coach. That 6-year-old I once was already knew that.

So if you have that voice from your childhood, man, don’t ignore it. Decades later you’ll find yourself back wanting the same thing. So do it. Do it even your environment or your inner critic don’t support you. Do it even if it pays less. Do it because nothing else will bring you that much joy. Do it because that’s who you are and you deserve to be you.

And me? I’m not doing masters in accountancy any more. I’ve started a course in HR and looking into training courses too. I owe it to myself and the world will benefit from me being me better than me hiding from my fears.

Good luck to you too! 💚

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My soul breathes music and exhales words.

6 thoughts on “Be who you are – even if you’re not supported

  1. That’s amazing Andi, I’m so proud of you! Life is a journey and it’s hard sometimes to see the path. But once you know what your heart’s beating for you should really follow that path! All the best for you Andi, loads of love to you dear friend!


  2. How wonderful! It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Go for it!

    When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was sing and read. When I was getting ready to go to college, I wanted to major in music and my parents said no . . . musicians are a dime a dozen. I alternately wanted to go into journalism/English, and they said no to that as well. They were only satisfied when I mirrored what my older sister had majored in (hospitality management), which I did well enough but didn’t have a passion for. Now I’m 52, and after almost 20 years of homeschooling all the kids (youngest graduates this spring), I’ve had my own copyediting business for the past five years and I have a job as a worship leader at a large church. I get to sing and read as much as I doggone well please. AND get paid for it.

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