Infinite, endless, boundless

It’s your moment: make it infinite, endless, boundless.

This week, like each moment, is a blank canvas. You can make it into anything you want: you can make something you’ve never done before, or you can continue the same picture you’ve been doing for a while.

No-one else can decide it for you, it’s only, truly up to you.

I’ve always thought that life was an uphill walk. Not necessarily steep but uphill nonetheless. If I keep insisting on taking, using all my past baggage, should it be a surprise that this walk turns into a nightmare?

But what if I walk with a lighter weight, with only what I have now? What if I stop letting the past hold me back?

I believe I could enjoy the hike, I could look up to appreciate the view, breathe in the freedom.

This is what expect from this week: infinite, endless, boundless existence. I wish the same to you!

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My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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