The last 99 days of 2017 are here – what will you do with them?

After the autumn equinox days are getting shorter in the last part of the calendar year – it turns the energy back to ourselves, our own goals. How will you use it?

About number 9

In its essence number 9 is global, tolerant, non-judgemental. You can use these characteristics to shape your plan for the rest of the year.

If you add 9 to any number and then add the digits to get a final one-digit number that is often used in numerology, you’ll get back the original number. (For example 8+9=17. The adding 1+7=8) You can say adding 9 is an invisible act, it does not change the nature of the original number. One way this can be reflected in life is how you approach others. Help them be themselves, support their goals, be kind without wanting the rewards.

Using a cycle of nines is fitting for the year end. It displays that “you are in the final stages of a period or endeavor, that you need to empty your bucket and prepare for the new and that there are opportunities to make a difference.” (Read more about the characteristics of 9 here.)

How to stay in harmony with the nature of this number?

  • Review how your yearly goals benefit others and select 1-2 that you can accomplish in the next 99 days.
  • Be generous. Let this be the period when you can give back to your family, to your community and beyond.
  • Spread positivity instead of judgement. Follow or share uplifting stories, be less critical.*
  • Be less critical with yourself, too. If you look at the goals you set out in January, focus on what you’ve accomplished, what steps you’ve taken instead of what you haven’t.
  • Make this period the best of the year. Just like 9 is not worse than any of the other numbers before, there’s no reason for making the next 99 days any worse than the ones filled with sunshine.

So what will you do with this magical period? How will you utilise it?

*Tip: for positive stories follow (or even join) the We Are The World blogfest where we share motivating, delightful news from around the world. Look for the #WATWB hashtag on twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

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2 thoughts on “The last 99 days of 2017 are here – what will you do with them?

  1. I had a major setback in February, and it affected my life enough that a friend and I declared that June 1 was our New Year’s Day, and we were both starting fresh from there. Knowing that there are only 99 days left to my “2017 reset” is an eye-opener for sure! I don’t ever want to waste the time I have, and this is a good reminder to reevaluate what’s past and what’s upcoming.


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