Sports, parents and love #WATWB

For this month’s “We Are The World Blogfest” I’d like to share 3 stories that are connected through the unconditional love of parents and sports.

Winning 4 golds at 97

Budapest is all about swimming these past few weeks, being the home of the 17th FINA World championship. As with any sports event, there were stories of persistence, strength and heartbreak, too, but my favourite is “Bela bacsi”, Uncle Bela. At 97 he was celebrating an unbelievable 79-year-anniversary of his first ever race win in the exact same place (well different pool of course 🙂 ). And his way of celebrating? Winning 4 gold medals. What an amazing man! Read more here.

Team Hoyt

If we’re at sports, here is another story I can’t stop thinking about.  When I read about this father-son duo participating in triathlons, I welled up.

“In the spring of 1977, Team Hoyt began when Rick asked his father if they could run in a race together to benefit a lacrosse player at his school who had become paralyzed. He wanted to prove that life went on no matter your disability. One problem: Dick was not a runner, and was 36 years old. Great fathers, however, make sacrifices. Great fathers give up their time, money, and physical energy for the sake of giving their children a better life, or sometimes, merely a smile. Dick may not have been a runner, but as a great father, his son’s request was all the motivation he needed. He agreed and pushed his son’s wheelchair the full five miles.”

Read their full story here but be warned: you’ll need the tissues ready.

Parents who share their child’s values

Another set of parents who made me think, and inspires me to be more than I am: the mother and father of the activist, Heather Heyer who was killed when a car hit her during an anti-protest against white nationalists. Losing a loved one never easy but they didn’t ask for revenge – they asked for forgiveness.

“She wanted to put down hate. And for my part, we just need to stop all this stuff and just forgive each other.” (Mark Heyer)

“Let’s channel that anger not into hate, not into violence, not into fear but (…) righteous action. (…) say to yourself, what can I do to make a difference? And that’s how you’re going to make my child’s death worthwhile.” (Susan Bro)

I know you have probable heard about her death already – but I really suggest to watch her memorial.


These are important examples to me on how life doesn’t have to be lived the way everyone does. Be different, be loving, be you.

For more positive stories like these, check out the “We Are The World” blog series, this month hosted by Simon FalkInderpreet Uppal, Lynn Hallbrooks, Eric Lahti, and Mary J Giese. We bring inspirational examples from all around the world about people who go out of their way to give chances, to make life better. Do join if you can – this world needs more light.

Featured photo is of my own parent who inspires me
with her resilience and patience: my mum.

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5 thoughts on “Sports, parents and love #WATWB

  1. Hi Miss Andi – all these stories are inspiring … I remember the Hoyts … while the Heyers are setting such an example … and Uncle Bela – incredible all of them … particularly the Heyers right now – cheers Hilary


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