Join us sharing positive news #WATWB

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson

It’s true that negative news, emotions tend to get more attention. We remember negative events longer and more emotionally than positive ones. According to some studies our vocabulary to describe people is 74% negative.(!) How sad is that.

A study on couples however showed that if we give in to this tendency, and use more (or about the same amount of) negative and positive expressions about each other, it leads to divorce. Words have meaning, they have weight.

No wonder we fell out of love with the world today.

The good news is (pun intended) that it’s up to us to choose what we focus on. Sure, we’re wired to respond to threats quicker but we’re also conscious beings who can choose what we act on. Even bad news can inspire good actions and we are certainly capable of finding motivating examples to how wonderful people can be, how they stand up for each other, how they work for the bigger good.

Have you read something uplifting recently? Join our blogfest and share it with us.

A couple months ago a group of bloggers decided that they will dedicate the last Friday of each month to sharing positive news from all over the world. The “We Are The World Blogfest” was created by Damyanti and Belinda and the objective is to counter the negativity of mainstream media.

We can be the change we want to see in our world by sharing the good news we notice. (Simon Falk)

I want people to know that there are good stories and good people in the world today. (Dan Antion)

We started this to light a lamp of hope and love. May it shine bright and light many others. (Damyanti Biswas)

To show that despite the trending negativity on social media, I can choose positivity and share it instead. (Lynn Hallbrooks)

The world needs more love, light, and positive news about good people and the good things they do. (Mary J. Giese)

For me personally, it’s important that I see the good in the world around me. I’m prone to seeing life negatively and I fight every day to shift my focus.

Join us this coming Friday by sharing a piece of news that made you feel good.

Our August event is hosted by six lovely bloggers:

Connect to them beforehand, they are a great bunch, I’m sure you’ll enjoy their “regular” posts as well.

Reader question:

What good examples have you seen or read that you’d like me to know about? Help me see the positive side of the world ☺

Read more on the reasons behind negativity in mainstream media:

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