Harness the energy of tomorrow’s new moon to renew dreams & desires

I love the moon. Connecting to the lunar energy gives my life not only a specific rhythm but also a certain knowledge that change is natural – it’s not a disaster to have ups and downs. It helps me feel part of the universe since it naturally pulls my attention outside of my own little world (which I’m very prone to get lost in.) 

During the New Moon, the natural tendency increases to look inside, to connect the past and the present to our dreams. As the moon begins anew, we can do the same: we can set our intentions, start new projects, send out our wishes to the universe.

I believe in rituals: they help me focus my mental energy to where I want them, anchor me in the right place and increase the magic of the moment.

The New Moon Ritual doesn’t have to be complicated. Lighting a candle, taking a deep breath and stating my intentions can set my mindset for the next phase of my life.

The main step is to write down my expectations, plans and intentions. I have created a specific set of questions that help me do so that I have been using for a year now.

  • How do I aspire to be and to feel?
  • What results do I want to achieve?
  • What actions do I need to take?
  • What are my main projects and goals?
  • How can I measure success for each of them?

I finish the planning with a letter to my inner guide with the intention of listening to my subconscious.

The finish of the ritual is just as important as the start. I like lingering in that mind-space a little longer, no probing with questions now but just enjoying the connection, listening to my breathing and enjoying the warm comfort of the connection deep within and far out. Closing the steps with a happy meditation, slow, purposeful helps me keep the energy of the ritual positive.

The extra “spice” of this particular New Moon is of course the solar eclipse that will now happen in North America. Those living there can harness the additional energy by a deeper reflection, looking behind the science and apply the energy on the mental, spiritual plane. Definitely stopping long enough to experience the event will bring its advantages.

Those of us living some place else will still feel the New Moon deeper. The solar eclipse happens every 18 months, and the additional energy will influence and strength and the depth of our intentions which I hope to use tomorrow with a more purposeful, longer ritual.

Reader question: 

What about you, what will you do this New Moon / Solar Eclipse? 

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One thought on “Harness the energy of tomorrow’s new moon to renew dreams & desires

  1. I do my dreaming and intention setting at the full moon. My ritual is to make a collage dreamboard and then take a picture of the full moon while holding my intentions in my heart. Even if I don’t have time to make the dreamboard, I still take the picture and float my dreams to the universe. She really does listen! Your practice is great. I may use those questions to help make my dreamboard! thanks for sharing.


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