A spiritual accountant

Does accounting and finance have to be un-spiritual?

This is the thought that’s going through my head this morning as I was reading a post about the full moon ritual. It suddenly hit me: how will I continue my spiritual path and study finance?

Croatia, Lake Plitvice, 2017. Photo by me.

In February I was musing over the application form to do my masters. There were many subjects that I was interested in and I managed to narrow it down to 6 but I couldn’t choose. In our application system, it is possible to apply for more than one, so I did. I finally set up a priority order and decided to let the university decide it for me.

(Now that I think about it, I did the same with my secondary school application – I let the universe decide which put me on the path of learning languages, something that I will forever cherish. Talk about good omens!)

So here I am, after all the admission rounds, starting my masters in accounting in September.

It’s exciting. I feel it’s a missing piece in my puzzle. So often in my jobs I felt the lack of understanding finance and accounting too acutely. It influences so many business strategies and daily decisions, and I grew uncomfortable of not seeing their logic. I’m curious to get there now.

But I am also a spiritual being who acknowledges the forces of energy all around us, who believes in the power of people more than the power of money. I consider accountants (or anyone with a career in finance,) as being on the other side of spirituality.  How will I be able to reconcile it all?

It’s an exciting question because it’s more than just about accounting. I have this logical, practical side, who worships common sense. I had this notion that to give over to my spirituality, I would have to loose this. And I adore that side of me. I love the way my brains works out puzzles, finds solutions, sees the big picture in its own system. It’s absolutely beautiful!

But so are the mysteries of the world around me, the divine energy that connects me to all of you, the inexplicable coincidences.

Why should I choose?

The world has them all, the rules, the laws, the calculatables and it also has the mystic, the unknown, the emotable.

If you take out the human factor, they are all in harmony in nature.

They can be in harmony in me, too.

I don’t have to feel I abandon one for the other.  I can have both the logic and the spiritual in my own unique mix – we can all do that.

I can love people from afar. I can prefer English to my mother tongue. I can believe in synchronicity and free will. I can create my own belief system that builds on everything I am. I can let that belief system create the life I need.

Why limit myself to one side of the story when I can have them both?

Reader question:

Do you have any experience in bringing seemingly opposing theories to peace within you? I’d love to hear your tips and advise.


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