Looking back

How was your week? I have to say, mine was surprising.

I started the week by reinforcing that it is ok not to have all the answers, that the best I can do is to let go of expected results. And indeed, the unexpected happened. I was offered a position at work that will be more challenging, more fulfilling, more value-added – and I didn’t even ask for it.

Having said that, planning plays a huge part in my current state of mind (which might have attracted this new opportunity as well). I have a standard weekly schedule, a rhythm, that seems to make my mood better and to give me more energy. I would find it hard to choose a priority right now, but spreading it over days works.

This way, I can talk about a blogger friend who does not only write great posts but also creates scrap books, cards and more. I can then take the time to muse about the photo of a lightning and how it made the ties linking me to other people so real I could feel their pull on my skin. I could also do my favourite thing, research and write about Malala, a 20-year-old whose courage is so inspiring, I haven’t been able to stop thinking since about what can I do for the education of girls. It is thanks to this schedule that I took out the time to write a poem – which I haven’t done in a very long time.

But what got in the way the most is my reluctance to be noticed. This is why I haven’t taken any photos outside this week. I have this illogical feeling that people will tell me to stop, like I’m stealing something, a moment of theirs that I have no right to.

Do you ever feel like this when you’re taking photos?

It’s less evident with my Canon camera – probably because it’s big enough that it cannot be seen as used sneakily. I will also try hanging around in the city after work for specific photo sessions. Maybe scheduling this as well will stop my doubts!

That’s my week, how was yours?


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4 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. I like to take pictures when I walk around my neighborhood of the interesting things in people’s gardens but I sometimes feel like they might get upset so I don’t. I know I would feel kind of funny if I saw someone taking pictures of my front yard, except that there is really nothing spectacular about it. Perhaps if I had a cute village scene like I want to make, I wouldn’t mind. I have a small Canon camera too and that’s how I manage to take my concert photos. It has a great zoom and is small so I can hide it in my purse. Nice post, Andrea, and thanks again for picking me to spotlight. I appreciate it.

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    1. That’s a great approach! Sometimes I feel that taking the effort to record the moment makes me appreciate it more. Other times it indeed gets in way. Thanks for popping by!


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