Lightning and connections – Photo of the week

There is beauty in the storm. 

Let me specify: there is beauty in the storm when watching it from a dry place. Experiencing the power of nature while it doesn’t affect you negatively opens up the capacity to be in awe. 

It puts me in my place: I’m just a human. I’m fragile when compared to nature. 

My strength is my mind and my society. That’s how we built shelters from the beginning of time. Living in a group is what allowed task sharing. The fact that one didn’t need to be good at everything, allowed us to learn more about one thing. Specialise. 

It’s important because I value solitude above everything. I pride myself on being self-sufficient. As a first-generation degree-holder, I like to think I’ve achieved everything because of my intelligence, risk-taking, individual thinking. 

But this lightning shed light on everything that’s happening in the background I’ve turned a blind eye to. 

I have never sustained myself alone. Whole industries, thousands of people worked to get my favourite dish, pizza, on my plate. They grew the ingredients, not me. They processed it and prepared the flour, they took to the tomatoes and turned them into sauce, they kept the cows that produced the milk that was then made into cheese. 

Who made my buildings, my transportation, my clothes? It wasn’t me. Who wrote the books that taught me so much? Where would I be without them? Without them all? 

It took the lightning, one moment to appreciate the strength of our network. The advantages I take for granted. The gifts I dismiss when I say “I’ve done it on my own”. 

I look around now and feel grateful for all the knowledge, skill, hard work others put into my life. They made my desk I’m writing on. They made my phone, created my Internet, put roof over my head. 

I feel acutely all those millions of places I am connected to others, the net I am a part of. I see all the work that others do every day so that I can live my life. 

I am part of it all. 

We are all connected. 

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