Blog of the week: Janet’s smiles

Janet is never short on kindness. She is one of the readers who doesn’t hestitate to reflect and share their thoughts on what I shared. But more importantly, she is an awesome blogger with unique posts and style. So without further ado, meet Janet.

Janet’s blog is about scrapbooking, music, self-exploration. As she says, she includes “new experiences or interesting/weird things I find. I try to stay away from politics. In a world where there can be a lot of negativity and sadness, my goal is to make people smile when they read my posts.”

So let’s talk a little more about her.

How did you start your blog?

I started my blog as a way to hopefully reach more people who might be interested in buying the cards and mini-albums that I sell on my Etsy site

I originally used a site through Vistaprint because that is where I was getting my business cards and they had a free website offering. However, after about a year of posting there I started getting a huge amount of spam messages and could not get any customer service to help solve that problem so I switched to Blogger. 

Over the course of the year though I had realized that I really like writing about different things and so I’ve kept it up, even though I don’t think I’ve made any Etsy sales from someone who saw a blog post! 

I still would like to find a way to supplement my income through blogging. I think it is possible and that is what I ‘m working toward now. I am an affiliate for Blitsy and Creative Live and have links to them on my site. 

I have also added a companion blog on WordPress because when I did the A to Z last year, there were a lot of people on WordPress and it was easier to comment and follow them if I had a WordPress account.

What keeps you going with your blog?

I am having fun. I don’t post as often as I would like to and I keep intending to make myself a schedule to post more consistently. I think I secretly have always wanted to be a writer 🙂 

What kind of blogs do you usually read and how do you find them?

I read blogs about scrapbooking of course and I found a lot of interesting blogs through the two A to Z challenges I have participated in. Most of them have been from writers and musical blogs. I found yours quite interesting because you write about challenges and being courageous, things I struggle with at times myself. I read a lot of motivational blogs and blogs about planners and organization (I’m kind of a planner nerd).

Let’s talk a little more about courage. Would you share something from your “to achieve” list that you didn’t have the courage for yet?

My “To achieve” list includes making videos to post on the blog. I have put up several from concerts we’ve attended but I’m talking more about “how to” videos or videos of my scrap room which would mean me talking or appearing in the video (at least my hands!) I’m trying to work up the courage (and lose another 20 or 30 pounds – LOL) to do that.

What’s the favourite post you’ve ever written?

That’s a tough one. I have to pick two. One is about my sisters and I that I wrote for last year’s A to Z under Q for Quartet.
The other is one I wrote a couple of years ago on the occasion of our wedding anniversary.

I think I like them because they are about things that mean a lot to me, love and family.

Thank you Janet for taking the time. I hope you’ll continue with your scrapbooking and writing, I really enjoy following your posts. 


My favourite thing about blogging is that it opens up my social circle. I meet amazing people who I would never have been able even just 20 years ago. As a thank you for their connection and awesomeness, I’d like to share my favourites with you in this series of “Blog of the week“. Be sure to check them out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them.  

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