How to keep a man and other madness

Have you ever seen the numerous posts, books, programmes that promise women to teach them about men, about how to build a relationship, how to make them connect sexually?  

When I start to type “how to keep…”, google provides options for 1. how to keep a man; 2. how to keep yourself awake; 3. how to keep away bees. I feel sad that in 2017 we still think that relationships can be manipulated like this. 

Have you ever seen a successful couple where the woman did a course on pleasing her man? 

Full disclosure: I did a “how to keep him happy” programme many years ago. Given that we divorced, I can’t show much for it, apart from the unjust shame that it was all my fault. That I couldn’t give him what he wanted. 

Why should the weight of success (or failure) be on one party? Why should we do all the heavy lifting? 

We don’t only disgrace ourselves as women but our partners as well. Assuming he can or want to be manipulated, makes him weak, spineless and at the same time spoilt. Who wants a partner like that? 

Equality does not only happen at work, in the laws or on the streets. It also happens at home. 

Prompt from Live Your Legend: What makes you angry?

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4 thoughts on “How to keep a man and other madness

  1. Absolutely right, Miss Andi! I’ve been married 33 years last May and it definitely is a two-way street. Maybe you should write a book about How to Keep a Woman!


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