Photo of the week: the story of hidden backyards in Croatia

There were strong contenders for the title (or maybe I’m biased) but in the end this is is the photo people on instagram liked the most.

I took this photo in Vrbnik of Croatia which is a tiny medieval town on the coasts of its biggest island, Krk. We spent there a couple hours on our last day so my feelings of awe were magnified by the sadness of departure, the melancholy of holiday’s end.

Even so, objectively looking, this place has many of things I love: sea, cliffs, winding roads, unique architecture, surprising turns.

All rights reserved @MFA photos

In my mind, I call it the town of backyards which does not sound the kindest expression but it is the literal truth. It had the most unusual backyards, many times we couldn’t distinguish if we were still on the street or already in private properties.

All rights reserved @MFA photos

In this town the same archway can just easily open to another road as to a stairway to a house.

All rights reserved @MFA photos

It would make an interesting photo challenge to capture the stairs of Vrbnik. No two are alike and it gives character to the town. Not that it would be lacking it either way but this is that cherry on top that makes it special.

All rights reserved @MFA photos

I wonder what it’s like living there. Taking the shopping uphill on the uneven roads, up on the used stairs, in the narrow doors. What is it like living behind those small windows and thick walls? There’s signs of poverty but there are also lot of signs of hope and optimisim.

All rights reserved @MFA photos

Even though we’ve seen many towns like this in Croatia, Vrbnik left the deepest impression and kept a part of my heart. Being there feels visiting a different time, very unique and atmospheric. I recommend it wholeheartedly. 

All rights reserved @MFA photos
ReadersΒ΄  question

Have you been to Croatia yet? If yes, what was your favourite thing about it? I no, what was your favourite holiday like?

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5 thoughts on “Photo of the week: the story of hidden backyards in Croatia

  1. These photos are amazing, Miss Andi! It’s wonderful to see other parts of the world, especially one so quaint as this!

    I’ve put a link to this post in my Daily Walk so others can enjoy it too πŸ™‚
    Here’s the link: /Daily Walk

    Have a great weekend πŸ™‚


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