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Like my writing, my reading is quite irregular. Sometimes I don’t visit for weeks and once I’m back, I don’t understand why I’ve ever left. You folks do faboulus things here, you keep things real, authentic, exciting and inspirational. Let me share a couple posts I especially connected the last week:

The 100th monkey

Ellie Haretoku wrote about the phenomenon of tipping point:

“if enough individuals tuned into a certain behaviour there would be a point where subconsciously everyone would pick up on this. Where a species begins to evolve.”

The theory gives a huge significance to our individual actions – if there is a tipping point, one individual is not as powerless as it sometimes seems.

Travelling in Denmark’s Odense

Reading how Sabina spent time in Odense, made me long for a visit. It felt like I was with her in the parks, taking part in the adventures she encountered:

“In various green spaces I found myself in a political discussion with a random drunk Dane, witnessed two girls play a version of beer pong in which the cups were placed on the ground instead of on a table, and accidentally walked into a party of some sort that I was definitely not invited to.”

I would have to agree with Sabina: Odense has a lot more to offer than just being the hometown of H. C. Andersen.

The example of Simon Fitzmaurice
who proved that circumstances don’t make us

As part of the “We are the world” blogfest that shares positive news from around the world Belinda brought us the story of Simon, a writer-director, who didn’t let ALS stop him.

“Simon loved life too much to just let go and it was important for him to share with his children the importance of never giving up.”

People like him give me strength, too. They prove the incredible power of human spirit and in the end, we all share that.

When others make you doubt your dream

I have recently found our bohemian traveller’s blog and it turned out, she has very similar plans to mine. While in my case it’s still just a dream to go off in a van with my dog (who I haven’t met yet), she already made plans with her other half and fur babies.

She has also encountered people who don’t get this plan and try to dissuade her. If you have ever been in a similar situation in regards to your dreams (frankly, who hasn’t), read her post and comment.


I wish I could share all the other great posts I read and liked recently but I don’t want to overwhelm you. Enjoy today’s selection and if during your reading you also found a post you enjoyed, please share it below. As my one-time favourite band, The Script says: “Give the love around and back around it goes.”


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