Video in public

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I set out to do gentle progress towards courageous living. You won’t see me dancing in a public square (or at the airport like this uninhibited girl) any time soon, I am not pushing myself that hard. But from now and then I do take a bigger step. This week it was about recording not one, but 2 videos.

The first was for the people of the coaching programme I signed up for a couple weeks ago. (Here’s why.) I was supposed to do one at the start of the programme but well, I wasn’t quite ready. After 3 weeks I now felt comfortable enough with that group of people to share a video and guess what: no-one attacked me or thought it was stupid. (Or at least they kept it to themselves lol.)

So to extend my comfort zone further, here it is, my first public video: click to watch, it’s on Google Drive.

As I say there, forgive the ums and the breaks and the rest of it – it’s my actual first attempt and did not edit in any way (maybe I should’ve but I just don’t have the patience lol).



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