How do you feel near nature? I’m one of those who is at their fullest, most complete near the sea, in a forest or even in a garden. With spring approaching I feel this need more. So this week was all about flowers.

Buying a flower plant for my mum

It’s not easy for me to show my emotions. In fact, in my mum’s case, it’s not always feel love because I held on to a lot of grudges. So my reason behind this challenge was to forgive some and to show my appreciation.

Starting a herb garden on our balcony

Despite my love for nature, I have never been dedicated enough to create something real even when I had a garden. Now, with only a balcony, it’s less daunting but still enjoyable. I consider it a small step towards having a farm some time 🙂

2 weeks later: 

These were planted not 2 but 4 weeks ago so their growth is now visible every day. 

What were you proud of this past week? I’d love to hear.


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