Walking celebration

Clever people say to celebrate the little things, not to wait long to reach a final, sometimes unrealistic goal but be proud of little achievements. So here it is.


Why the big smile? Because I achieved something that couple months ago I really struggled with.

Here’s what happened: I walked to the bus stop that, not long ago, was painful. That’s it. But at the same time, it’s a little more.

I live in a part if the city where public transport provides a number of choices:

  1. I can take the city tram that leaves from right in front of our door. It’s not too busy but more often than not the heating doesn’t work – in the minus degrees of the winter that’s quite uncomfortable. But, in fact, I’m grateful to it because it opens me up to the other options. (Laziness is my default.)
  2. There is an express bus at the next tram stop which has far less stops but very, very many people. So much so that in rush hour we’re squeezed like sardines. (Eww!)
  3. There’s also a small bus line in the back streets. It can be a bit busy but it’s got the shortest route. The downside is that it’s the furthest away from our house.

Now I don’t mean MILES away (it’s less than 1 km in fact) but last autumn I was in such a bad shape, I couldn’t even walk more than 2 minutes without some back pain. (Plus, I’m a sissy with a very low pain threshold.)

I still tried to take option 3 once. (Avoiding a big mass of people was enough motivation.) Sadly, I had to stop 3 times to recover enough to continue. I felt ashamed, I was angry with myself and hated how weak I was. So didn’t try it again.

Until this week.

This year I changed my diet, and also try to start the day with my own combination of tai chi, stretching and yoga. I also walk more (short distances but frequently) and took option 2 regularly (it turns out that being sardines in winter isn’t the worst thing after all).

So the other day, I was ready to take the test: can I walk to bus stop #3? How will it feel? I was hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as the last time.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it felt great. I didn’t need to stop, I enjoyed the whole walk and I saw it first hand, very visibly, how little steps can add up.

It gives me strength to go on. I cannot be sure where will I end up but I am positive that it changes me for the better.

Never underestimate the power of baby steps.

PS: The above is also a rare selfie. I even resisted using any filters. 

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