The good stuff

Let’s talk about some of the good stuff too. After all my life isn’t a constant struggle, fighting my demons day after day. I get lucky sometimes. 

Talking about luck, the new year started with me hugging a bucket all day – and not because of the fun the night before, no, I had the worst of stomach bugs you can imagine. It was disgusting, exhausting but strangely cleansing as well. 

And here’s the lucky part: since those sick days it’s like a switch went up about my diet. As if all the bad desires had left me and only (well, mostly) healthy cravings stayed. 

What does my body want now? 

  • Cracker bread. No more fancy bakery products, rolls,  pies, or even plain bread. While I survived the last months of 2016 pretty much on sandwiches all day, I only had 2 roll sandwiches this year. And zero bread!
  • Veggie food. My family is not big on vegetables but since the year started I crave peppers, cucumber, lentil, couscous, pumpkin etc. If I count right I probably only had chicken three times and fish once. 
  • Healthy lunches and small dinners. Since I didn’t use to eat well during the day, I was wolfing down late dinners at home. Now I’m ordering pre-cooked vegetarian lunches (I’m still lazy after all) and they fill me with energy during the day and allow me to calmly decide whether or not to eat a big dinner. (Usually it’s a no. Yippee!)

Now, it’s not perfect. I had 3 or maybe 4 pizza already this year. I eat chocolates. I put turkey ham on that cracker bread. I threw out half a bag of salad and half a cucumber because I couldn’t eat them in time. Many evenings I eat later than I’d like, and don’t always pay enough attention to the food while I’m eating. So there’s plenty room to improve but I love what I fuelled my body with this year. It couldn’t have happened in a better way! 

It’s not a story of strong will winning over temptation – it’s using the opportunity to my best advantage and making the most of it. 

Here’s to more of this 😉


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