What does fear stop me from doing?

Yesterday I agreed that fear is really my friend – it wants to protect me. But all it does now is not letting me do what I really want. And what is that I really want? Some simple things:

  1. Have lunch with my colleagues without being afraid that they don’t actually like me
  2. Go for a walk without the fear that people will judge me
  3. Go for a jog/run without being afraid that people will laugh and point that a fat girl can’t run
  4. Go to meetups to get to know new people
  5. Ask work for financial support or additional paid days off to do my masters

Actually there is a long (200+) list I would love to do if I wasn’t so afraid. Some call it goals, others a bucket list but I call it a “Courage List” – things I’d do were I brave enough. I will share all of them but first, let’s just focus on the things I want to do this year:

  1. Go to work on bicycle
  2. Volunteer somewhere in person
  3. Hike to a mountain top
  4. Leave kindness messages
  5. Go to multiple gigs with travelling between cities on bicycle
  6. Go on a roadtrip in an RV
  7. Share a video of me in public
  8. Go to a blues bar
  9. See a standup comedian
  10. Create passive income
  11. Give blood
  12. Keep a gratitude journal
  13. Meditate 5 times a week
  14. Walk 5 times a week
  15. Do planks 3 times a week
  16. Say thank you in 10 different languages
  17. Buy flowers to family
  18. Read 103 books
  19. Start a business with my mom
  20. Plant a herb garden on our balcony
  21. Collect and share at least 25 embarrassing stories about me
  22. Sell my old books and DVDs to the nearby bookshop
  23. Visit a nursing home
  24. Talk to a homeless person
  25. Get a manicure
  26. Learn to be more frugal
  27. Give English classes for free to unemployed people
  28. See a Cirque de Soleil show
  29. Go vegan for at least 30 days
  30. Write a daily update on this blog for at least 1 month
  31. Send poem(s) to at least 5 magazines
  32. Record and share a video of me reading one of my poems

To be able to do these I need to let go of fear (and fear of me) and leave my comfort zone. Some scare the shite out of me, for others I just need to be a little braver for half an hour.

Let’s see what will happen – I’m optimistic and if nothing else I’m sure I can bring some food stories even by trying.

Do you have any crazy goals you want to achieve this year? Something that scares you a little? Feel free to share it in the comments if you’d like 🙂

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My soul breathes music and exhales words.

4 thoughts on “What does fear stop me from doing?

  1. Awesome goals Andi! You can achieve them undoubtedly.
    My goal this year is to get the courage to go to actual drumming classes and play with a band. There’s plenty of opportunities for that in my work. I just need to get out of my stage fright 😉


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